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Garden & Estate Management

Edwards Garden Services has many years experience managing and maintaining gardens, from historic registered parks and gardens of national significance to urban courtyards in the heart of the city of Bristol.

  • Garden Management Plans
  • Tailored annual budgets
  • Conservation Management Plans
  • Garden survey & assessment

An understanding of the history of the garden, from its original  concept to changes that might have been made more recently is fundamental to guiding on-going garden management and maintenance.

Prioritising tasks – hardly the most romantic picture of gardening, but arguably one of the most important aspects. Experience and knowledge cannot be underestimated when carrying out garden tasks. Too often gardening can be reactive, aggressively solving a problem that could have been prevented in a fraction of the time (and cost!) by a good understanding of a year in the life of a garden. Or for that matter 10 or 50 years.






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