Expert Advice

Landscape & Garden Consultation & Advice Service

Expert advice on the management & maintenance of landscapes and gardens. A rare combination of both practical and academic skills spanning nearly 30 years of working in and studying natural and designed landscapes and gardens. An experienced field botanist, a specialist in historic gardens and many years hands-on experience of the year-round demands of managing & maintaining gardens and landscapes. Whether large or small, historic or modern, Gareth’s unique perspective and proven track record has proved invaluable in the study, management and maintenance of locally and nationally significant gardens and landscapes.

What have you got, how important is it and what are you going to do with it?

Gareth offers a comprehensive garden advice service which can include a simple walk around and chat or a full blown management and maintenance plan

  • a one-off site visit, walk around and discussion.
  • site visit & preliminary report
  • ZOOM meetings offering general horticultural advice
  • Statements of Significance
  • Management & Maintenance plan

A typical site visit and/or zoom meeting would include observations on:

  • tree & shrub identification, maintenance and restoration
  • planting scheme ideas
  • design concepts
  • planning constraints
  • year round maintenance budgeting & routines
  • advice on wildlife gardening


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