Garden Design

Gardens evolve over time. The instant make-over has overshadowed the progressive development that gardens thrive on. We are as interested in garden making as garden make-over; developing landscapes and borders, shrubberies and woodland with progressive planting, tweaking and shifting.

Combining the sometimes divided disciplines of horticulture and design is a particular skill of Gareth’s, rooted in many years experience of both disciplines. An eye-catching rarity but part of an over-arching design, Gareth has a extensive and expert knowledge of garden design and horticulture.

A different border, a new planting scheme, an eye-catching tree. Gardens evolve with time and developing what you have can be as effective as starting from scratch. Gareth has long experience of working day to day in designed gardens, both new and old. Planting schemes in garden design aren’t static and understanding how they evolve over time, from an aesthetic and maintenance perspective is a particular skill.