Constructing a Wildlife Friendly Pond

23rd August 2020

| Posted in Wildlife Gardening , Garden Design

A focal point to a landscape design project in North Somerset was the construction of a wetland habitat (or contemporary water feature depending on your point of view).

The pond features a striking hardwood decking overhanging the waterbody, with lighting and contemporary materials. The sloping profile suits plants, animals and habitats of different depths, with a pea gravel covering the pond liner. Strictly no exotic fish so the native fauna can establish and thive.

Carefully chosen marginals and aquatics that wont be too aggressive but provide enough habitat quickly. Already a few months after construction, the dragonfly nymphs are voraciously hunting through the developing aquatic habitat and the pygmy waterlilies are flowering beautifully. The surrounding landscape is being developed as a wildflower meadow (graded, profiled, seeded with a standard hay meadow mix).

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