Category: Herbaceous borders

  • Potager Style Planting Scheme

    Potager Style Planting Scheme

    Walled garden in Monmouthshire. Potager style planting scheme. Productive and ornamental with beans, tomatoes, salad, herbs and greens amongst a flowering herbaceous display. Rudbeckia ‘Hula Dancer’ looking good with the Veronicastrums amongst some strong Achillea ‘Walter Funcke’, Salvias and grasses. Should have been more assertive splitting up the clumps to develop a dotty matrix, but…

  • Herbaceous Perennials instead of Bedding Plants

    Herbaceous Perennials instead of Bedding Plants

    A feature bed, central to a wide forecourt. The box border is a bit large and we will potentially reduce it at some point, but the immidate question was how to ‘decorate’ it? A seasonal change of tradtional bedding wasnt fancied aboth aesthetically and financially so we decided to plant perennials and roses (Queen of…

  • Veronica spicata ‘Alba’

    Veronica spicata ‘Alba’

    Part of a new border we planted two years ago. We’d actually originally planted the edges with Nepeta but it proved too vigorous and was swamping a cottage garden mix of Eryngium, Polemonium, Sidalcea and Liatris. The early season Nepeta made the planting too blue, so out it came and these Veronicas seem a good…