Renovating a Beech Hedge in Sneyd Park

An overgrown Beech hedge in Sneyd Park, Bristol. One of a number in the road identified by the local council as needing reducing as the footpath was becoming narrower than the hedge.

February is the time for renovating a dormant beech hedge – also before the birds are nesting. They can be slow to recover depending on aspect, health, age, soil fertility, but this particular specimen should be leafing up well by the end of the coming growing season.


Loppers, a string line (for the OCD’s amongst us), a good ladder, pitchfork and garden waster company (The Two Georges) and as they say, job done.


A good feed in the spring will help recovery.

View from the other side. If both sides need reducing, wait a year or so until the first reduced side has recovered enough. Same goes for the top. Ideally you would reduce the sunnier side and/or top first as light plays an important part in new shoot production from older wood.