purple flowers on house

Pruning Wisteria

Winter pruning Wisteria is one of my favourite jobs. Untangling its vigorous summer growth, pruning summer-shortened shoots to a more compact flowering spur, cutting back leaders to build up a good, well branched structure.


The flowering buds will soon be fattening up, distinguishing them from the narrower growth buds


Whilst Wisteria in flower can be spectacular, the structure of the naturally unruly climber can be trained for a good summer and winter shape.


Here’s a few I prepared earlier. This Wisteria in Backwell shows the advantage of flowering before the leaves comes out. Fragrance was excellent aswell.


purple flowers on house

Growing climbers together can be a bit fiddly but sometimes the effect is worth it. Raceme length, fragrance, leaf or flower, there are many considerations when choosing your Wisteria.

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