Large Scale Landscape Works

5th November 2019

2 acres in North Somerset. A modern building with terrace borders overlooking Tickenham moor.

Taking the initial garden design forward (Hegerty Weber, 2014) the intention was to connect the new build to the landscape, making the most of an outstanding setting.

Beyond the garden edge, instead of fighting nature as it recolonised the wider derelict site, the plan is to move effortlessly from the more formal house surrounds through groves, lawns and orchards to native meadows and woodlands, connecting to the wider landscape. The house, though distinct, would become part of the landscape rather than fighting for its uncomfortable corner.

Nature happily landscaping the site unaided, but time for design to intervene.

The site needed preparing, with large rubble mounds from the house build phase, some 5 years previous, so time for Rob, Fred (his dog) and his battery of demolition vehicles to move in and begin the transformation.

Rob on Strictly Digger
Some of the rubble and earth mounds from the initial build. Removal to landfill expensive and unnecessary as we can use these waste piles for the landscaping earthworks.
Preparing the base for the formal lawn around the house. For the meadow beyond, thinner, poorer soil is the goal for the wildflower meadow substrate.
Rain stopped play. Still planning the permanent water feature.

Tree planting planned for this winter. New meadow in the spring. Work in progress.

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