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Annual Budgeting

Plan ahead; a timely effort will prevent more work later, and use the seasons to your best advantage.


Time is precious over the growing season, fitting lawn maintenace, hedge cutting, weeding borders into the weekly garden maintenance schedule. Any number of well known proverbs attest to the fact that putting a stop to something while it is still its early development is probably quite a good idea.

Nip it in the bud

A frequent conservtion I have with my clients is when to carry out a particular garden task. Wait till hedges have finished their spring flush of growth before cutting, or else you’ll need to do it again too soon. Dont wait until the weeds are flourishing in your borders, mulch deeply whilst the borders are dormant; fill up bare areas with plants you want, or an enterprising weed will do it for you.

Planning ahead can save time and money. A days winter mulching and spring planting can save endless days chasing weeds in a bare summer border and save you money in the long run.

Gardening is a year round project, horticulturally and financially.

Edwards Garden Services can advise on the best use of resources; recommending a monthly budget, an annual plan, to ensure the most cost effective approach to garden management.

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