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Winter Gardening

Good winter preparation can save days of summer work, chasing your tail with the growing seasons weeding, grass cutting, hedge trimming. Aesthetically and for year round garden budgeting the value of winter gardening cannot be overestimated!

Year round interest in the garden.

Winter gardens are in fashion. No longer the (misguided) intention of putting the garden to bed for winter. Colour, form and movement, the same qualities as a summer garden but potentially more valuable in the short winter days! Winter seed-heads, frosted Cavalo Nero, coloured dogwoods. Both practically and aesthetically, gardening is a year round project!

A days winter gardening can save two or three days work in the summer

Other than the visual qualities, the gardening jobs are numerous – and important. Summer is all about running to stand still – weeding, grass cutting, hedge cutting &c. Pulling bindweed and goose-grass off compacted and bare soil is time consuming and short-term. If you havent got to the root of the problem the plant will be back in no time. A border well cultivated, deeply mulched and properly prepared (whether no-dig or not) is hugely more satisfying, quick and effective to weed. This preparation for the summer garden is invaluable winter work.

Preparation for the growing season

Winter you can make proper progress with tackling those neglected corners, defining or creating new borders. People do ask me what I do in winter, when we are in fact often as busy and probaly make more long term progress with the garden than the summer months. Pruning fruit, wisteria, roses. Renovating shrubberies. Digging compost and new borders.

We are conscious of the garden wildlife over winter – putting food out for birds, leaving seed heads, border leaves and brash. Always careful with bonfires and hedgehogs!

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