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Organic Weed Control

At Edwards Garden Services our organic gardening approach is based on Integrated Pest Management, essentially managing the ecosystem to limit oppurtunities for pests, weeds and diseases.

Although professionally licensed to use pesticides (PA1 & PA6), and do so in an environmentally responsible way, Gareth & his team are enthusiastic practitioners of organic gardening. The key is removing opportunity or creating competition for animals and plants you don’t want.

Nature hates a vacuum

Avoid bare ground and pack the border full of plants that you want. Slugs? Dont plant French Marigold, Lupins or Delphiniums! (though established meadows of Lupin on old railway lines or churchyards give the lie to there susceptibility).

New plantings? Mulch the ground so summer weeding is made easy. Companion planting – works both ways with some species even influencing the vigour of Ground Elder & Bindweed.

Regular weeding. Sometimes there is no miracle cure other than little and often – keeping on top of weeds and diseases through regular cultural techniques (hands & knees).

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