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A geometric arrangement of Box, cloud pruned Yew or a native hedgerow field boundary, Edwards Garden Services are experienced and efficient in hedge cutting many different hedge styles, challenging and straightforward.

One of our more challenging hedge cutting jobs is the geometric maze-like arrangement of  Yew hedges enclosing the ornamental lily pond at Barrow Court in North Somerset.

church hedges

These hedges are part of the gardens architecture, a precise arrangement of green walls creating enclosures and rooms. Accordingly they need a detailed cut, accurately aligned to the stone walls, terrace levels and manor house architecture.

Hedges will eventually outgrow their allotted space, no matter how rigorous you are with regular trimming. Edwards Garden Services has been involved in a number of hedge restoration projects, typical example being this Beech hedge in Bristol.

The restoration of Yew hedges is a specialist area of expertise for Edwards Garden Services.

Here in the mild south west a 30-50 year cycle seems to be the average for restoring old Yew hedges. Yew is fantastic how it responds to hard pruning with new growth shooting from old wood when called for. Over succesive years, tops and sides can be cut back to the main stem which will produce new shoots. The choice of which side first, how long to wait between cuts varies from site to site.

The Powys-esque appearence of these renovated Yew hedges pictured below (near Thornbury in South Gloucestershire), only 3 or so years after looking like the above is as much as response to the Yew hedge restoration project as much as a design choice, but it works well with the context.


hedge row

Sometimes the living walls of the garden need a precise cut, being the defining architecture of the gardens layout. Othertimes a more fluid approach can give some creativity and energy to an otherwise rigid space.

Sometimes you cant beat a good, clean Beech hedge.


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