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Gardener, historian and ecologist. Gareth has an extensive experience of natural and designed landscapes, both technical and practical.  Gareth’s passion is the conservation of historic gardens and cultural and natural landscapes. Combining practical estate maintenance, ecology and horticulture Gareth can offer valuable insight and practical solutions across the landscape heritage discipline.

A professional gardener and ecologist, a specialist in the Conservation of Historic Gardens & Cultural Landscapes, Gareth offers an experienced and professional service within the landscape heritage sector.

  • Expert Horticultural Consultant
  • Site Survey & Analysis
  • Heritage Assessments
  • Historic Landscape Appraisals
  • Historic Landscape Impact Assessment
  • Archive Research
  • Restoration & Design
  • Statements of Significance
  • Legislation & Planning
  • Historic Landscape Management & Maintenance Plans

Gareth Edwards MSc MCIHort

Gareth’s specialist area as an historic gardens consultant is founded on many years of the day to day practical work in historic gardens in combination with industry leading academic qualifications. With a background in field botany, ecological survey and environmental impact assessment, Gareth switched allegiances to the world of horticulture. Having worked his way up from apprentice gardener, Gareth is now responsible for the management & maintenance of a number of historic gardens of local and national significance. This responsibility covers both the day to day tasks of  routine maintenance, budgeting for these essential tasks, and knowing what and how to achieve specific goals.

A rare combination of hands-on experience and academic training, Gareth can advise on all aspects of historic garden restoration, management & maintenance. How to restore and maintain 100 year old Yew hedges, the significance and design of early 20th century water features, the grafting and re-planting of heritage fruit cultivars, dealing with pests and diseases, advising on suitable planting schemes; practical solutions for all horticultural issues.

Holding a masters degree in the Conservation of Historic Gardens & Cultural Landscape, Gareth is also a member of the Chartered Institue of Horticulture and a national expert with the Professional Garden Consultants Association. This reflects Gareth’s 3 decades experience working in natural & designed landscapes, recognising significance and understanding how to manage and conserve.



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