Penstemon & Daylily

Penstemons & Daylilys

Penstemon & Daylily
Penstemons in a small back garden in Stoke Bishop

A small back garden in Stoke Bishop, Bristol.  These Penstemons were looking old & leggy and not happy after the cold winter. A drastic prune, leaving enough healthy stem bases, has produced a fine, rejuvinated display.

The lavenders we put in this spring are just going over. Cutting them back as soon as they have finished means they put on enough new growth to look decent over the winter.

Summer Pruning Wisteria

Training a Wisteria

Wisteria  generally put on a fantastic flowering display this spring, at least down here in the West Country. The cold winter seems to have been good for flower bud formation. Late July, August is the time to start pruning back unwanted lateral growth. This is part of the annual pruning routine to keep what is a large and vigorous plant within bounds and flowering well.

A fan trained peach bearing fruit

Trained fruit in a kitchen garden, Hill, South Glos.

At least the peaches enjoyed the cold winter.

A fan trained peach starting to bear fruit. A combination of good pruning technique, a cold winter and lots of bees going about their business this spring.