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New Lawn in Tickenham, North Somerset

New Garden in Tickenham , North Somerset
New Garden in Tickenham , North Somerset

A new garden designed by the Hegerty Weber Partnership on the site of the old bonsai nursery in Tickenham, North Somerset. Edwards Garden Services had been looking after the original garden on this site and have been kept on to undertake the planting of the designed borders and subsequently the ongoing maintenance of the new lawn, extensive meadows, herbaceous borders and shrubbery.

Arisaema ciliatum

Growing in dappled shade in a hedgerow border in deep soil, good conditions for this exotic looking member of the Arum family. “Jack in the Pulpit” one of its local names. From sw China!

From a garden in South Gloucestershire, Hill near Thornbury.

2013-07-08 11.55.13Arisaema ciliatum